[BRI] Re: Has The Mouse Gone HD?

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@programmer.net
Sat Sep 11 17:29:02 EDT 2004

Laurence Glavin wrote,

> I was scanning AM frequencies in the twelves, and noticed
> horrendous hash on WKBR-AM 1250, Manchester, NH.  I wasn't
> experiencing hash elsewhere in the middle-upper AM dial, so I
> tried WMKI-AM 1260, Boston, and it was clear.  Then I tried
> WTSN-AM 1270 in Dover, NH, and it was subject to the same hash
> as WKBR.  Is it possible than Disney is experimenting with digital
> broadcasting on WMKI?
> If so, it's one of the few AM stations in a very crowded part of
> the dial to do so, around here at least.  The honchos at WKBR and
> WTSN may want to cry "foul" because this interference is occuring
> about 35 miles north of the WMKI transmitter, almost into NH!

You beat me to the cocktail, Larry!

As I was getting ready to post...

Don't know when they started, but at 2:30 this afternoon I noted
IBOC "roar" from about 1.2445-1.2535 and 1.2685-1.2775.
Strangely, 1.254-1.268 appears "roarless" (unlike 'BZ's IBOC "roar",
which presses tightly around the main analog modulation).
The main (analog) modulation (compression?) seems awfully weak, too.

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