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I guess that when KMZT added night service (as a Class B), the station had
to change its COL to someplace inside its NIF contour, which can't be very
large with only 230W (but 230W is enough for Class B status because the
pattern RMS is greater than 140.85 mV/m--the equivalent of 250W into a
minimum-efficiency radiator). When the station was a daytimer, its COL used
to be a community in Marin whose name I don't recall, but it was on the side
facing the Bay. Of course, back then, KMZT had different calls, which I also
can't recall. I presume that the station is now classical and that KMZT
stands for K-Mozart. Maybe it used to be KKHI. The 1550 station in SF (now
KYCY--Young Country) used to be classical for many years and was then KKHI.
KYCY has applied to move to San Jose because Infinity, which owns it, is
over the ownership limit on SF signals.

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> Piedmont which is a section of Oakland is located in
> Alameda County, east of the Golden Gate Bridge.
> Roy Lawrence
> San Francisco, CA
> --- Dan Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:
> A
> small 1510 station (KMZT 8 kW-D/230W-N DA-2) licensed
> to Piedmont, in
> Marin
> County, north of the Golden Gate Bridge, has its
> five-element DA atop a
> warehouse near the waterfont in Oakland.
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