Former Channel 56 Anchor Anchors Sinclair Report

Chuck Igo
Sun Oct 24 15:06:46 EDT 2004

Sir Laurence wrote:

>>(snip) and lo and behold, there was old chum Jeff Barnd, who was given
a slo-mo heave-ho by WLVI-TV last year. (snip)
Is it possible that the show ultimately was watched by 
so few people, it actually wound up having no impact! <<

Here in Portland, Sinclair is WGME 13, a CBS affiliate and former
stomping ground of Jeff Barnd.  After a number of Sinclair's major ad
accounts pulled, or threatened to pull, their schedules over the airing
of the report, Sinclair semi-recanted and put together a "watered-down"
version, using some of the material in the original (fill in the
blank)umentary and anchored by (as we now know) one of the Sinclair

I did not personally watch the presentation, nor, I would imagine, did
anyone on this side of 1918 as there was some type of sports program
that may have captured more of the region's interest, so I can not
attest as to what actually aired.

- -Chuck Igo

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