Former Channel 56 Anchor Anchors Sinclair Report

Matt Higgs
Sun Oct 24 17:36:26 EDT 2004

>From what I've seen on Media Line, it was poorly produced with
horrible sound and bad video. I guess it was less then desirable to
show on air. WGME in Portland got some protesters outside the station
the day of the broadcast, and lost some advertisers over the deal.
They've posted a cheesy message on their website to persuade viewers
that their news is unbiased.

On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 15:06:46 -0400, Chuck Igo <> wrote:
> Sir Laurence wrote:
> >>(snip) and lo and behold, there was old chum Jeff Barnd, who was given
> a slo-mo heave-ho by WLVI-TV last year. (snip)
> Is it possible that the show ultimately was watched by 
> so few people, it actually wound up having no impact! <<
> Here in Portland, Sinclair is WGME 13, a CBS affiliate and former
> stomping ground of Jeff Barnd.  After a number of Sinclair's major ad
> accounts pulled, or threatened to pull, their schedules over the airing
> of the report, Sinclair semi-recanted and put together a "watered-down"
> version, using some of the material in the original (fill in the
> blank)umentary and anchored by (as we now know) one of the Sinclair
> reporters.
> I did not personally watch the presentation, nor, I would imagine, did
> anyone on this side of 1918 as there was some type of sports program
> that may have captured more of the region's interest, so I can not
> attest as to what actually aired.
> - -Chuck Igo

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