Former Channel 56 Anchor Anchors Sinclair Report

Laurence Glavin
Sun Oct 24 13:46:36 EDT 2004

Since no Sinclair stations are located anywhere near my
home, I didn't have a chance to view the controversial
(at least partially) anti-Kerry attackumentary Friday night.
However, this morning (10/24) on CNN's "Reliable Sources with
Howie Kurtz", they played a 30-second excerpt of the presentation
(minus the sound), and lo and behold, there was old chum Jeff 
Barnd, who was given a slo-mo heave-ho by WLVI-TV last year.
(It seemed as though a month-or-so elapsed between the time 
channel 56 announced he was being ousted and the first appearance
of Frank Mallicoat in the anchor chair.)  I wonder if Jeff's
move to Sinclair's Baltimore "flagship" station might have
turned out to be a promotion, if he's the one they chose
for this heavily promoted presentation.  BTW, no one
has commented on the show itself on this board;  there are
correspondent living in the Springfield, MA and Portland, ME
areas as well as other markets in Sinclair-land.  
Is it possible that the show ultimately was watched by 
so few people, it actually wound up having no impact!
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