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>What happens, then, when a ranked station gets on Arbitron's crap list.  Do
>they list the stations with a blank? Such as:
>1.  WMJX
>2.  WBZ
>3.  Some delisted station
>4.  WRKO
>Doesn't this skew the ratings for those below the delisted one?

Brian:  Arbitron would make no reference to the offending station.  In the scenario above WRKO and every station below it would move up one position.


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>> Correct - you cannot say that.  Arbitron ranks stations by 
>> AQH share, AQH persons, AQH rating, cume persons, cume 
>> rating, and TSL.  They'll list them alphabetically.  There is 
>> no ranking, however, by format.  You can say you're #1 for 
>> Classic Rock, but don't include Arbitron's name in the liner.
>> If someone were to report this liner to Arbitron the station 
>> would get a call from the legal department saying they must 
>> immediately cease using the liner.  If the station continued 
>> to use it they would probably face delisting - meaning that 
>> their call letters wouldn't appear at all in the next book.

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