is this broadcast censorship?

Sun Oct 24 00:44:28 EDT 2004

Howie Carr uses it every day - many stations (including wcap) are still 
running the Menino PSA where he promotes funding for "prostraTe" cancer.  He 
still mumbles.

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> On Oct 23, 2004, at 11:30 PM, gic wrote:
>> I am somewhat surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that Mayor Tom 
>> "mumbles" Menino has passed an executive order
> Where did you get the information that this was an executive order, or 
> that it was any kind of order at all?
>>  that tv cameras and reporters will not be allowed in bars during the 
>> world series.
> All I've heard is that bar owners have agreed not to permit live shots 
> from inside their establishments, something they certainly have the right 
> to do.  Given that a girl died in the frenzy after the Sox win over New 
> York, it seems like a small concession to the, um, relentless pursuit of 
> the truth.  And, under these circumstances, what TV station is going to 
> try to shove its way into the Cask & Flagon to foist more live shots of 
> drunks on their audience?
> Mayor Menino talked about banning alcohol sales completely in the 
> neighborhood, and that's probably within his power.  Then he used that 
> power to work out a decent compromise that will make the Fenway area safer 
> without the live in-bar cameras.  It's a smart move by the mayor, another 
> good reason why Boston voters love the guy.  And that "mumbles" slur got 
> old about a decade ago.
> Mark

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