Radio guys named Jenssen (or is that Jensen--or Jenson...)

Fri Oct 22 10:32:34 EDT 2004

"Dan Strassberg" <>
>I heard a guy doing (I think) Metro traffic the other day 
>(forget which station). He identified himself as Gregg Jenssen 
>(don't know how he spells either name). He has great pipes, 
>which made me think of another guy named Jenssen (Leif Jenssen) who
>had great pipes and was well known in this market (on WNAC/WRKO and 
>Channel 7) back in the day. Anybody know whether these two
>Jenssens are related? 
I believe Gregg is Leif's son.

>Is Leif Jenssen still living?
I don't know.  I worked with him at WNAC-TV in 1970-72.
The pipes were unbelieveable.  Good man to work with.
Almost always wore a blazer with a turtleneck.

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