Radio guys named Jenssen (or is that Jensen--or Jenson...)

Dan Strassberg
Fri Oct 22 07:00:31 EDT 2004

I heard a guy doing (I think) Metro traffic the other day (forget which
station). He identified himself as Gregg Jenssen (don't know how he spells
either name). He has great pipes, which made me think of another guy named
Jenssen (Leif Jenssen) who had great pipes and was well known in this market
(on WNAC/WRKO and Channel 7) back in the day. Anybody know whether these two
Jenssens are related? Is Leif Jenssen still living? Is Gregg Jenssen the son
of Leif Jenssen?

Dan Strassberg,
eFax 707-215-6367

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