Clueless people

Joseph Pappalardo
Mon Oct 18 13:18:08 EDT 2004

> > moving to Rochester NY (market
> > #54 but dropping fast) and getting a job at WBEE-FM
> > (the top rated country station) and WBBF (its sister
> > oldies station).  He then tells me  "oh thats not that
> > big!  Market #54 thats pretty small.  I'm gonna go up
> > to a big market, like Burlington VT!"

Some markets are treated like *bigger* markets than the market rank

Some are treated much *smaller* than the market # indicates.

'Raleigh'...even though it ranks higher, is treated like a smaller market
than say "Hartford' even though it ranks higher.

Some markets (like Middlesex-Union-Somerset #37), because they are
overshadowed by larger markets (NYC #1), are always considered the 'ugly
little sister', no matter what it's rank size, because good talent always
leaves to go to the larger market...and listeners in the area can pick up
the larger market stations.

Sometimes it depends on if the market is stand alone, has decent
competition, good talent, pay scales, TV outlets and a reasonably good local
paper.  Markets like that are treated  more seriously than markets like
Worcester(#113) (basically 2 FM stations...and a lot of little stations that
are not even competitive.)

Whereas, Portland Maine...a smaller in the largest city in Maine,
has a competitive radio situation, TV stations, reasonably good newspaper,
etc....and appears to be taken more seriously by radio folk, advertisers and
the listeners.

Your numbers may vary.

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