Clueless people

Dan Strassberg
Mon Oct 18 08:35:21 EDT 2004

Could he, maybe, be including metro Montreal as part of Burlington? I think
the reverse is sometimes done. If you count the entire population of greater
Montreal (both Francophone and Anglophone) as part of the Burlington market,
Burlington suddenly becomes quite large, perhaps even making it into the US
top 15. Never mind that few Burlington AM or FM signals (maybe 92.9, which I
believe is a Class C atop Mt Mansfield) have any reach into Montreal,
although I believe the Channel 3 TV station (WCAX?) IS seen in Montreal.
Then, too, he might have been kidding.

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> moving to Rochester NY (market
> #54 but dropping fast) and getting a job at WBEE-FM
> (the top rated country station) and WBBF (its sister
> oldies station).  He then tells me  "oh thats not that
> big!  Market #54 thats pretty small.  I'm gonna go up
> to a big market, like Burlington VT!"

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