Clueless people

Cooper Fox
Mon Oct 18 06:18:48 EDT 2004

It could be that he has no idea about market sizes... 
or at least not the market size of Burlington.  He
could be going by the way the area looks alone.  for
example, I have worked in the Burlington Market and,
thanks to the wonderful people at, I know
that it is a larger market than Portland Maine. 
However, if I was going by looks alone, I would assume
that Portland was the larger market.  It seems more
citified to me.

> oldies station).  He then tells me  "oh thats not
> that
> big!  Market #54 thats pretty small.  I'm gonna go
> up
> to a big market, like Burlington VT!"  I could not
> believe my ears!!  A mass comm upperclassman, who
> thinks Burlington VT is a big market but Rochester
> NY
> is not, even though Rochester's ADI has about 3
> times
> as many people.  


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