Clueless people

Matthew Osborne
Mon Oct 18 00:18:29 EDT 2004

Here's a random radio-related event that happened to
me this past weekend. I went up to SUNY Plattsburgh
for alumni weekend, and last night my girlfriend and I
were visiting a friend of hers that lives on campus. 
One of her floormates is dating one of the jocks at
WIRY(AM).  I met him, and we got to talk briefly.  Now
mind you, he is pursuing a degree in Mass Comm at
Plattsburgh, and from the sounds of it he's an
upperclassman.  He was saying that working at WIRY is
cool, but he's thinking about moving up to a bigger
market.  I agreed that was a good idea for anyone that
wants to make their way in radio.  I then told him my
story of being turned down for a job at WIRY my final
year at Plattsburgh (they hired 2 new people the week
before I submitted my tape and resume), but how I
managed to take those lemons and turn them into some
really good lemonade by moving to Rochester NY (market
#54 but dropping fast) and getting a job at WBEE-FM
(the top rated country station) and WBBF (its sister
oldies station).  He then tells me  "oh thats not that
big!  Market #54 thats pretty small.  I'm gonna go up
to a big market, like Burlington VT!"  I could not
believe my ears!!  A mass comm upperclassman, who
thinks Burlington VT is a big market but Rochester NY
is not, even though Rochester's ADI has about 3 times
as many people.  
    I guess some people just don't get it.

                               Matt Osborne
                               Poughkeepsie, NY

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