Clueless people

Garrett Wollman
Mon Oct 18 13:23:24 EDT 2004

<<On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 13:18:08 -0400, "Joseph Pappalardo" <> said:

> Whereas, Portland Maine...a smaller in the largest city in Maine,
> has a competitive radio situation, TV stations, reasonably good newspaper,
> etc....and appears to be taken more seriously by radio folk, advertisers and
> the listeners.

And, though not many people realize this, with the last census
Burlington/Plattsburgh made it into the top 100, so consultants, media
buyers, and group owners pay more attention to it now.  (This is not
including anything from Montreal; only the three full-class-C
stations, 92.9, 99.9. and 107.9 have any pull there.  TV used to be
another story.)


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