"JC Golden Oldies" Returns To The Airwaves....

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Sun Oct 17 21:22:57 EDT 2004

Ron wrote:

>They seem to be the same turntables in the WIRY website that WLLH 1400 used
>at 4 Broadway when I worked there in 1978.
>JC would not only stand up doing the show,  but he'd maintain about 2.5+
>feel from the mic.
And Jimmy ("JC") Camilli was also known to floor his mic pot and 
trainwreck his VU meters.  I can't imagine the DAP or, whatever it was 
at the time, could do much with that. Gotta wonder how old that gent 
is.  He seemed quite vintage even 20 years ago when I last witnessed his 
studio stylings at the Giant Store/4 B'way.

Bill O'Neill

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