"JC Golden Oldies" Returns To The Airwaves....

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Sun Oct 17 20:31:17 EDT 2004

They seem to be the same turntables in the WIRY website that WLLH 1400 used
at 4 Broadway when I worked there in 1978.

JC would not only stand up doing the show,  but he'd maintain about 2.5+
feel from the mic.

He used to ask the station engineer for help maintaining his Mobile DJ
equipment. He was a sight to see in the studio, indeed.

Ron Gitschier
Jacksonville, FL

----- Original Message ----- > Mission Control wrote:

> > I had the pleasure to watch Jimmy do his weekly show at the WLLH studios
(on Broadway) back in the mid 80's. I (often along with Dan Nelson) would
> watch him from the production studio as he would Disk Jockey: actually
flipping his 45's onto the turntables (the big 16" transcription type - they
might have been Gates), cue them up, chat (well, it was kind of a
"controlled rant," if you know what I mean), and then hit the post as the
> record spun. (Those records had some SEVERE cue-burn on them as I recall!)
>    I recall the first time I saw JC at work in the plush WLLH 4 Broadway
studios, was on a Saturday night in April or May 1978, as I was helping then
night jock Michael B. (now Michael Burns of WMJX and WKLB) with a Lowell
High School dance, he had permission to use the WLLH van to take to the
dance. He brought me in to see JC at work, he was still tossing those 45's
> like frisbees then too!! Always did his shows standing up, never sat down
until the show was over. I believe they had those 16 inch Gates turntables
until they left 4 Broadway in 1986 for 44 Church St. ( Note:WIRY in
> Plattsburgh NY still has a pair in use in their on-air studio. Check out
the  pics of their studios and transmitters too on their website

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