Stern dollars

Bill O'Neill
Tue Oct 12 06:43:05 EDT 2004

David Tomm wrote:

> Take away the controversies surrounding him and what do you have?  A 
> dirty old man interviewing strippers and c-list celebrities.

I agree. One hundred million a year (not all to him) is all part of free 
enterprise (if Sirius wants to be ridiculous...) Main problem are the 
stumbling blocks, perceived or real, that Stern has articulated over the 
years. They have buoyed him through many books, and will be gone once 
the Sirius show works out the kinks.  What Stern have left to complain 
about? His chair? The satellite owner?  Indigestion?  Great 
grandchildren?  The noisy teenagers next door blasting that rock and roll?

Bill O'Neill
Shoreham, VT

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