Stern dollars

Tue Oct 12 20:15:47 EDT 2004

David Tomm "Mike  Thomas" wrote:

>However, I don't see Stern being the huge draw to satellite radio that 
>Sirius and the industry are hoping he'll be.  Outside of his battles with 
>terrestrial radio, his show has gotten stale and predictable. Using four 
>letter words and talking about racier topics won't save it.

I've wondered that myself.  So much of his schtik is whining about how he's 
just trying to speak honestly and keeps getting "censored" by the gov't or 
timid suits.  Since presumably there will be no limits on content with 
Sirius, how will he reinvent himself?  I also wonder how many people will 
sign up with them just to hear their "hero".  It's like every time cable tv 
rates go up, lots of people threaten to pull the plug, but few actually do.

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