Howie Carr on the WBUR mess

tony schinella
Tue Oct 12 21:39:41 EDT 2004

His "friend" Christopher Lydon? Howie Carr hates 
Lydon. He even used to talk in a Brahmin, uppity 
voice, making fun of him. When he found out how 
much Lydon was making during the spat that got him 
fired, Carr was relentless against him. When Lydon 
tried to move to commercial radio - and scoffed at 
the pay - Carr joked, "Welcome to the real world, 
Chris-tah-fur ..."

Tony Schinella
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> Howie Carr commented on the WBUR mess on his 
> Friday show (I taped it because it was up 
> against the Red Sox game, and heard it 
> yesterday). He kinda felt good that Jane Christo 
> was gone because of the tiff between Christo and 
> Howie's friend Chris Lydon (not sure how close 
> their friendship is...maybe just a casual 
> acquantaince?). Howie mentioned the financial 
> problems WBUR is having (Fybush's North East 
> Radio Watch mentions that they owe BU $12 
> million) and gave this example of perhaps the 
> overspending that goes on:
> "In my office, we have a cheap AM radio tuned to 
> the station (WRKO). I once went into WBUR and 
> they had Bose Wave Radios playing what was on 
> 'BUR...not music, but news!" Kinda gold-plated 
> overspending at 'BUR, Howie? :)
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