airing satellite radio in a restaurant

Bob Nelson
Tue Oct 12 09:58:53 EDT 2004

I don't have Sirius satellite radio personally, but did hear a bit of "Sirius 31", new country, while in a BBQ restaurant in Connecticut yesterday. Sounded similar to many country stations music-wise...just no commercials.

The DJ did kind of talk up the fact the Sirius now has Stern; he also mentioned the upcoming presidential debate and said you could hear it on Sirius channels like NPR, Fox News, and Air America.

Anyone heard of this before, a restaurant airing Sirius satellite radio?
I'm guessing they do have to pay ASCAP/BMI/SESAC (country) royalties
somehow in a fee. (They could be airing a local country station,
but chose to run satellite radio instead...Speaking of airing
radio stations in restaurants or stores, I remember in the 80s
when I worked for Building 19-- they used to run WCGY over the
sound system and probably had to pay royalties, etc.)

No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.
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