Howie Carr on the WBUR mess

Stephanie Weil
Tue Oct 12 13:38:00 EDT 2004

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Bob Nelson wrote:

> "In my office, we have a cheap AM radio tuned to the station (WRKO). I
> once went into WBUR and they had Bose Wave Radios playing what was on
> 'BUR...not music, but news!" Kinda gold-plated overspending at 'BUR,
> Howie? :)

Maybe WBUR got them as a gift from Bose Corp. -- sort of a tax writeoff 
on a bunch of surplus unsold radios?

Using Boswe Wave Radios as station monitors is a bit of overkill, in my 
opinion though.


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