AA in early 60's style two-station AM stereo!

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Sun Oct 3 07:41:49 EDT 2004

  Eli Polonsky wrote:

>I tuned into the Air America promos on WXKS playing
>"Revolution" by The Beatles, and there were no drums.
>I switched to WKOX and the drums were there, but the
>guitar was gone.
>WXKS is airing only one stereo channel of the feed,
>and WKOX is airing only the other!
>I put a different radio on each station, and voila,
>full true stereo separation!
>I'd imagine that this is a completely unintentional
>and inadvertent feature...

Are these just locally produced promos or network ones?  I don't think I've 
seen any network talk programming that's delivered in stereo....indeed with 
the exception of Dr. Laura (which is fed mono both) all other syndicated 
talk programming I'm aware of is sent in mono...the left channel and right 
channels of the receiver are usually 2 totally different programs/feeds.

Anyone know what provider AA is distributed over?

As you mentioned, this is probably a case of the engineering dept. being 
sloppy and feeding the left output of the automation to one station and the 
right to the other.  One would expect the right channel to go away soon...  :-/ 

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