WSMN Nashua Update

Sat May 22 10:58:53 EDT 2004

Mark Watson wrote:
>     A member of the 1590 Broadcasting Corp.board of directors is quoted in
>the article as saying that the radio station will relocate to another
>location. It is not known when the WSMN transmitter site will be torn down
>but until that happens, WSMN can broadcast from another location. The board
>of director goes on to say that after the 3 towers are torn down, the
>station may have to go off the air for a while, but would resume
>broadcasting as soon as the towers can be replaced.
>     No timetable is given in the article for when the construction will
>begin. I wonder if WSMN has an alternate TX site to go to, or are they
>selling the property now and hoping to find land later. Hopefully they won't
>encounter any NIMBY's at any new site they want to build at.

Lotsa luck finding a place to put a 3 tower DA in Nashua.  Why are they 
even bothering?  That station has been dead weight for decades.   

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