WSMN Nashua Update

Mark Watson
Sat May 22 09:31:20 EDT 2004

   A few weeks ago, I posted information regarding a proposed housing
development that a developer wanted to build on the property currently
occupied by WSMN (1590 Nashua NH). The Nashua Telegraph reports today that
the city's Planning Board voted 4-1 this past Thursday night to approve the
construction of the 40 unit cluster housing development on the 12 acre site
that currently houses WSMN's studios and the 3 tower directional array.
Under the plan approved by the Planning Board, the developer will tear down
the WSMN studio building and towers to make way for the new housing.

    A member of the 1590 Broadcasting Corp.board of directors is quoted in
the article as saying that the radio station will relocate to another
location. It is not known when the WSMN transmitter site will be torn down
but until that happens, WSMN can broadcast from another location. The board
of director goes on to say that after the 3 towers are torn down, the
station may have to go off the air for a while, but would resume
broadcasting as soon as the towers can be replaced.

    No timetable is given in the article for when the construction will
begin. I wonder if WSMN has an alternate TX site to go to, or are they
selling the property now and hoping to find land later. Hopefully they won't
encounter any NIMBY's at any new site they want to build at.

Mark Watson

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