Scott Allen Miller Globe Op-ed

Dan Strassberg
Fri May 21 18:50:18 EDT 2004

OTOH, Miller's math is off. If the FCC received 531,000 letters and if there
were approximately 9 million SuperBowl viewers (which, right or wrong, is
the number Miller used), the percentage of complainers was not less than 1%
as Miller's letter said, but much closer to 6%. If indeed 6% of the viewers
complained, it's a signficant fraction, because a lot of people who felt
offended would surely noy have bothered to complain. Now, if the number of
vewers was approximately 60 million--a believable number; it's less than 1/4
of the US population, he'd be correct about the percentage who complained.

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> WRKO-AM morning co-host Scott Allen Miller (like the
> cheap watery beer) wrote an op-ed piece for today's
> (05/21) Boston Globe.  It dealt with the censorious
> posture of today's FCC.  While it lasts, check it out at:
> (BTW, the 9-million figure for the Nipplegate incident
> seems a little small)
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