NPR's Ira Glass defends Howard Stern

Dan Strassberg
Fri May 14 07:43:14 EDT 2004

And we should make sure that everybody is clear that the GW you're keeping
happy in this case is not the one in the White House ;>) But who knows when
John Ashcroft might start objecting to mailing-list postings from which too
little quoted material has been deleted? Probably only when the message
contains a phrase that triggers a surveillance filter.

Dan Strassberg,
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> -- "Dan Strassberg" <> wrote:
> I wondered about that when I wrote my original post, but I have to say
> NPR and WBUR appear to do everything in their power to confuse the public
> that issue. And if I am confused--consummate radio geek that I am--you can
> be DAMNED sure, that 99% of public radio listeners are also confused. For
> example,
>    <snip to keep GW happy>
> WBUR bills itself as Boston's NPR News Station because of its reliance on
NPR News.  The only other Network News on the air is BBC World Service which
is distributed by PRI.  TAL is produced by Chicago Public Radio and
distributed by PRI.  Marketplace is produced by Minnesota Public Radio and
distributed by PRI.  PRI is basically just a distribution network and I
don't think it originates any programming itself, but I could be wrong about
that last part.  So there is no  conspiracy at work here.
> dave

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