story about Portland Maine Top 40 History

Fri May 7 08:21:00 EDT 2004

  Kevin Vahey wrote:
>I remember that Dale Dorman used to come on a half hour early on Monday 
>morning because WRKO was off air and Snyder and Snyder would be simulcast 
>on WRKO

Don't ever remember hearing this.  I do recall Dale starting early on 
Mondays, but why would WRKO simulcast a Portland morning show?  I know they 
had a farm show for a while, then for a long time it was wall-to-wall 
oldies for the 5am hour.

>That is what is missing today, back in the 60's every NE market had 2 AMs 
>slugging it out and being a farm system for announcers.
>Portland WJAB WLOB

Wasn't WCSH also top 40?  I know they were in the 70s.

>Manchester WFEA WKBR
>Worcester WORC WAAB

In retrospect it's amazing this went on as long as it did.  FM was not a 
really much of a factor in those days (and in most cases a simulcast) 
in both cases 2/3 of the stations in the market were the same format.  You 
basically had a choice between MOR and top 40.  If you didn't like either, 
tough luck.  Granted, top 40 was huge back then (and certainly it was a 
good time to be a teen) but there are a lot more choices today.

>And it was like this nationwide.
>Broadcasting isn't fun anymore

Maybe we're just getting old.  :-/

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