story about Portland Maine Top 40 History

Kevin Vahey
Fri May 7 09:23:48 EDT 2004

It started when Snyder would call Dale at 5 AM every Monday and evolved 
from there. I remember Dale telling me that he told the suits if he had 
to come in an hour early he was going to do whatever he wanted for an 

One thing we will never see again is the explosion of WRKO in the Spring 
of 67. Everybody knew they would hurt WMEX but it was stunning how 
quickly they toppled WBZ as well. 2 months into their launch they had 
the Casino Royale promotion at Midnight downtown expecting 200 people 
and 10000 showed up.

The great whatif was Mac Richmond turning down the chance to buy WBOS-FM 
for peanuts in 1966. He reasoned his FM in DC was a dog (WPGC) so why 

On Fri, 7 May 2004 8:25am, SteveOrdinetz wrote:
>  Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> I remember that Dale Dorman used to come on a half hour early on 
>> Monday morning because WRKO was off air and Snyder and Snyder would be 
>> simulcast on WRKO
> Don't ever remember hearing this.  I do recall Dale starting early on 
> Mondays, but why would WRKO simulcast a Portland morning show?  I know 
> they had a farm show for a while, then for a long time it was 
> wall-to-wall oldies for the 5am hour.

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