Opinion Piece On Air America Stirs Nasty Responses

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Thu May 6 13:19:43 EDT 2004

Donna writes:
These things take time to develop, and alas, time
> is something
> Air America doesn't have, since a lot of people are expecting
> it to fail.

I wonder if the expectation of failure is based upon the pretense of bad radio
execution or a flawed concept from the very beginning?  The biggest mistake Air
America made was to label itself "liberal."  If you bring on the people who may
lean left, then that will be self-evident via the process of talking.  The name,
Air America, is woefully flawed - "America" for whatever reason, simply feels
like a conservative branding. I don't know why, but that's what my gut tells me.
>From a marketing standpoint, they would have been better off losing a network
label and just push Franken and others that lean left.  Or work in words that
incorporate more moderate or liberal buzzwords.

Bill O'Neill

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