Opinion Piece On Air America Stirs Nasty Responses

Mark Laurence mlaurence@mindspring.com
Sat May 1 11:48:00 EDT 2004

Nobody has a sense of humor about "jokes" that simply ridicule their favorite leaders.  There was nothing "genuinely funny" about that e-mail, it was just tired old cliches.  It was just another good-old-boy conservative mocking the opposition to a bunch of his friends who see things the same way.  

Nothing wrong with that, except when it's wrapped up in official business on government time.  Then the people he is offending have every right to not laugh uproariously at his oh-so-funny jokes.

By the way, Corey Dietz (the subject of this thread) is correct, Air America has to be entertaining to succeed.  Its own audience will have to decide whether it is indeed entertaining to them, and the marketplace will have to decide if that audience is big enough to turn a profit.  Whether Corey, or you, or any other onlooker finds it entertaining is irrelevant.  


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Because Liberals have no sense of humor! (By and large)

The Nat Gaurd Gen in MA that forwarded what was a genuinely funny e-mail,
and the Dems take a nutty!


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