Sports director at WMUR Ch9 Manchester resigns after 13years

Dan C
Mon Mar 22 19:40:40 EST 2004

> Charlie, apparently resigned after he was openly and repeatidly critical
> of the University of New Hampshire and their treatment of WMUR's sports
> staff, including charging the crew admission to non UNH sporting events
> played at UNH facilities. (That is High School basketball playoffs).
> I remember about two weeks ago during a sportscast that Charlie was indeed
> openly disgusted saying something like, We would like to bring you the
> highlites from the abc vs xyz game, but UNH officials barred us from
> covering the games. Instead we bring you, blah blah blah. He brought UNH
> up another three times during the sportcast in a negative light.
> I was told that Charlie was "not" spoken to or repremanded  by WMUR higher
> ups about his behavior on air.

This is nothing new, either for UNH or the NHIAA.  I can remember several
instances of covering sports events at UNH, including a couple with Charlie,
when we were made to feel like second class citizens.  Knowing Charlie and
his Chelsea temper, (I was born in Chelsea so no cracks about city-bigotry),
I am surprised he held off this long before saying anything in public.
Those two bodies certainly deserve a public lambasting.

Dan Cole

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