Anti-satellite radio ad

Howard Glazer
Sun Mar 14 08:44:59 EST 2004

During yesterday's Red Sox game on WEEI, I heard an ad attacking
satellite radio. It was done in a man-on-the-street format, with "former
subscriber" after "former subscriber" reciting a litany of complaints:
"The equipment is too expensive." "They broadcast filthy language. I
don't want my 9-year-old hearing that." "I live in a big city and the
tall buildings mess up reception." And my favorite: "Everything I want
is already on my local radio station. If I want music, I'll use my CD

The only "fact" offered by the announcer in this ad goes something like
"Do you know that tens of thousands of people CANCEL their satellite
radio service every month? Think about that before you subscribe." The
tagline is "This message brought to you by your local radio stations."

So who's behind this? The NAB? Entercom? Someone is awfully worried
about a service that has less than 2 million subscribers in the entire
country, don't you think?


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