Anti-satellite radio ad

Thu Mar 18 13:55:15 EST 2004

> I find it amusing that the radio industry would believe for a second
> that  people are dumb or naive enough to buy into their anti-satellite
> propaganda, especially considering how XM and Sirius have received
> excellent, even rave reviews in print media and subscribers seem
> overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Terrestrial radio doesn't have a
> product that  compelling and people know this

I wouldn't go so far as to say "rave reviews".  Yeah, I've read reviews
that are clearly written by someone who has an interest in the satellite
industry, but I've read others that rate it as "ho-hum" and all stages in
between.  Likewise, people I've known who've had it.  Some think it's the
greatest thing since sliced cheese, others question whether it's worth the
money.  Haven't heard Sirius, but what I've heard on XM I'd hesitate to
describe as "compelling".

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