Bow to Stern

tony schinella
Sat Mar 6 18:10:11 EST 2004

I would get satellite radio if I didn't have such
a great CD [and slowly, album burned to CD]
collection. I think it is a pretty neat technology
even if it is subscription-based. Since I spend
three hours or more a day in my car, the radio
gets real boring, real fast.

However, can they really regulate what goes out on
the satellite and cable? So long as there is a
disclaimer. I recall that HBO used to not run
R-rated movies until after 8 p.m. I don't know
when that rule went out the door. But before we
got rid of it, there was R-rated stuff on all day

As an aside, did anyone see the NYT story about
teen pregnancy rates being the lowest it has been
since they have documented it? Sure, I think it is
easy to say the country has some serious "moral"
problems none of which have anything to do with
Janet flashing boob. But, this is a pretty good
sign, isn't it?

Tony Schinella
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> While there is much hype as to how satellite
radio is the fastest growing
> new technology ever, the fact remains that only
a very small percentage of
> the population has it, or is likely to get it
anytime soon.  Stern probably
> has more listeners on his flagship alone than
there are total XM
> subscribers.  No doubt some will get receivers
in order to hear their hero,
> but I'd guess that his audience on either XM or
Sirius will be pretty small
> for many years.  Neither service is anywhere
near profitable...I doubt
> there'd be sufficient return on investment to
justify the high cost.
> much you wanna bet that satellite and
cable will come under some
> sort of content oversight as part of the whole
Superbowl/Janet flap?
> If there's one thing Stern does well it's making
himself look like he's
> being persecuted.  I bet he's crying all the way
to the bank.

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