Bow to Stern

Bill O'Neill
Sun Mar 7 13:36:37 EST 2004

> much you wanna bet that satellite and cable will
> come under some
> sort of content oversight as part of the whole Superbowl/Janet flap?

The Janet Flap.  There's a new twist. <g> I suspect the FCC would get nowhere
with against the argument that people pay direct dollars for the subscription.
But it should be an interesting battle, if waged.

> If there's one thing Stern does well it's making himself look
> like he's
> being persecuted.  I bet he's crying all the way to the bank.

Clearly.  A highly compensated entertainer, he, nor his offspring, would ever
need to punch a clock again and still live on the top of the heap.  The next
generation that was derived from Stern's trailblazing have almost made it so
that Howard is a caricature of himself.  He must be wondering if it is really
dog track time. A chance to go out on top?

Bill O'Neill

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