Bow to Stern

Sat Mar 6 17:59:52 EST 2004

Bill O'Neill wrote:

>Satellite radio discussed on Stern Friday.  XM is a CC property. 
>But...Sirius is
>in need of a major shot in the arm.  A paucity of business compared to 
>XM.  Even
>if Stern went to Sirius, I don't think terrestrial radio would have too 
>much to
>worry about.  Until all cars have satellite integrated into the dash like 
>FM did
>in the 70s, it would be a minor league long shot for the highly compensated

While there is much hype as to how satellite radio is the fastest growing 
new technology ever, the fact remains that only a very small percentage of 
the population has it, or is likely to get it anytime soon.  Stern probably 
has more listeners on his flagship alone than there are total XM 
subscribers.  No doubt some will get receivers in order to hear their hero, 
but I'd guess that his audience on either XM or Sirius will be pretty small 
for many years.  Neither service is anywhere near profitable...I doubt 
there'd be sufficient return on investment to justify the high cost. much you wanna bet that satellite and cable will come under some 
sort of content oversight as part of the whole Superbowl/Janet flap?

If there's one thing Stern does well it's making himself look like he's 
being persecuted.  I bet he's crying all the way to the bank.

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