Mission Control
Fri Mar 5 11:09:59 EST 2004

Larry Weil said: 

"Unedited?   I believe the version of the BBC that we get on XM, Sirius, and PRI, as well as on the Internet, is a version edited for North American listeners, and is a different feed from what they get in other parts of the world."

As you may guess, there are MANY BBC radio channels. Which ones XM and Sirius use I don't know. BBC/PRI/WGBH's "The World" uses the World Service feed at the top and bottom of the hour, which is the same World Service feed one might hear in Hungary or China, for example. A complete list of BBC channels (radio and television), can be found here:

Now, having just spoken with a BBC editor, the CONTENT of the World Service NEWSCASTS (note: not World Service PROGRAMS) continues to be a bit of an experiment it seems, with an ever-growing inclusion of stories that pertain (in some form or another) to the United States.


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