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Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Fri Mar 5 17:01:13 EST 2004

>DATE: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 20:07:10 
>From: "Dan Strassberg" <dan.strassberg@att.net>
>To: <lglavin@lycos.com>,<boston-radio->interest@rolinin.BostonRadio.org>

>They'll probably fill the hour with yet one more hour of stuffy, dry as
>dust, BBC news. Can't people get the BBC on the >Internet? Do we have to have
>it on the radio? Does the CBC produce anything that >WBUR could pick up
>instead of the BBC? The BBC is out of touch with listener sensibilities on
>this side of the Atlantic. WBUR's reliance on the BBC has certainly not
>improved the station's sound or listenability.

I agree with you wholeheartedly...the Beeb is also a tune-out
for me too. I imagine the management at Jane's World
would reply that they've done the proverbial "market
research" and can prove that the frequent iterations of
the BBC are just fine with the majority of listeners.  
But I sense that carriage of theses newscasts picked up
after donations and underwriting declined after
9/11 and also from pressure by those who felt NPR and
'BUR leaned too much toward the Palestinians in their coverage
of the Middle East. 
(How Eli stays awake I'll never know)

Laurence Glavin

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