HD Radio

Jeff Lehmann jjlehmann@comcast.net
Wed Mar 3 17:27:44 EST 2004

Well, HD Radio is slowing killing any chance of DX here in Boston. You
may have seen my posts on radio-info.

These stations are currently using HD:

91.9 WUMB (This must be causing problems for WMWM, WOMR). 
92.9 WBOS (probably cuts off WMVY, WHYN, and WMGX in some areas that
used to get it). 
93.7 WQSX (WDVT). 
96.9 WTKK (WQSO). 

Of course others like 97.1 WQHT will no longer be heard as often during
the summer. 

1030 WBZ (If it was authorized to be used at night, it would wipe out
KDKA). Myself, and several other area DXers have left messages for
Greater Media's engineer expressing concern for these problems, but as
far as I know, nobody has gotten a reply. I also emailed WMVY making
them aware of possible problems.

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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Please forgive me if this is something that's already been talked about
here... but I was just wondering what folks are thinking (or hearing)
about HD Radio...



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