Sherburn vs Killington, a big part of the story missing.

John Bolduc
Wed Mar 3 18:32:27 EST 2004

In regards to news coverage of Sherburne/Killington VT the vote for
secession from VT.

About three years ago the townsfolk or Sherburne VT voted to change the
name of their town to Killington, the name of the ski resort village
located within the town.

The name change needed the approval of the State for the change to be
official. If I recall, the state has chosen not to act on this, basically
snubbing Shelburne. 

No news reports have mentioned this historical tidbit and if I'm correct,
they are calling the town by it's incorrect name. 

Can anybody update me?

Londondondery then Derry, then East Derry then Derry, and now East Derry
NH again, all from the same location!

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