Why Not 1270 For WADK-AM?

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Sat Jun 19 14:51:41 EDT 2004

During last week's LTAR, the subject of the attempt by
WADK-AM 1540 in Newport, RI to add nighttime service came up.
The FCC's Daily Digest recently noted a new application
by WADK for the FCC to reconsider this application
with less power.  WADK's problem is the fact that it operates
on a northeast region clear channel designation
used by a station in nearby New York state. Thus
nighttime skywave from this blowtorch makes it unlikely
WADK could provide reliable service to Newport itself,
much less other localities on Aquidneck Island.
Well, a few years ago, the owners of WJFD-FM in New 
Bedford applied to construct a new AM on 1270 with 
transmitter in Dartmouth, Mass.  After a lengthy 
period  during which the CP was never built, the 
application was deleted.  But if the FCC originally
approved a full-time 1270 operation in Dartmouth,
Mass serving Fall River-New Bedford, how difficult
would it be to move the design and parameters just 
a few miles south to just outside of Newport?
It appears the owners hoped to construct an array 
at its current site in Newport itself, and might have 
to re-design a 1270 operation from there;  but it
would be lower down on the dial and be less
"noisy" than the 1540 dial position. 

Laurence Glavin
(using my alternate e-mail
provider because the prime
one is down)

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