Clear Channel & Automation (was Red Sox in Manchester)

Wed Jun 16 00:14:44 EDT 2004

When I was in Fla back in January I noticed that the Clear Channel Oldies FM
was an automation mess at night.  2 different weeknights it was silent from
the 11pm ID til midnite - must have been waiting for a "wait until" command
because at midnight it fired off an ID and went on its merry way. On one of
the Saturday nites during "Mark Harvey's Supergold Show" (which is based out
of this station) - they had network spots playing on top of local ones - the
show playing live AND in 7 sec delay all at the same time, etc.  It was a
train wreck (of Amtrack proportions). At midnite, at the end of the show it
all cleaned up and went into automation for the rest of the night.  I can't
believe no one heard it and fixed it for 3 hours.

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