Bubba dumped by Clear Channel

Howard Glazer hmglaz@webtv.net
Fri Feb 27 02:21:15 EST 2004

Kevin Vahey wrote: 

>St Pete Times story on Bubba being
> axed by all CC stations
>It will be curious to see what XM and
> Sirrus do. 

Can't speak for Sirius, but I was listening to XM's "90s on 9" channel
for about half an hour tonight and it was phone call after angry phone
call, all blasting the FCC rather than Clear Channel, and requesting
"shove it"-type songs like 2 Live Crew's "Banned In the USA" and Garth
Brooks' live version (with "kiss my ass") of "Friends in Low Places,"
both of which were played. The DJ, a guy who goes by the air name of
Kane, was encouraging the invective and even hinted that the programming
bosses at XM were very interested in signing Bubba for an uncensored
satellite show. 

I would think Sirius would have a better chance of landing him, though,
should he find himself blacklisted by broadcast radio. XM is quite
frugal, while Sirius, as shown by its recent deal with the NFL, is not
afraid to spend money it doesn't yet have on big-ticket programming. 


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