Stern & C.C.

Scott Fybush
Thu Feb 26 20:51:02 EST 2004

At 08:13 PM 2/26/2004 -0500, SteveOrdinetz wrote:
>  Bill O'Neill wrote:
>>So, what's the likelihood that CC will keep Stern off?  If they do, what 
>>Infinity O&Os in those markets that could pick him up?
>My suspicion is that Infinity probably doesn't own anything with a 
>compatable format in any of those markets in the first place.  Otherwise 
>why would they let a competitor have one of their "name" acts?  "Howard 
>Stern in the morning, soft EZ favorites all day" just doesn't have that 
>ring to it.

In most markets, that's true. But here in Rochester, I suspect Infinity's 
WZNE 94.1 will snatch up Stern if CC's WNVE drops him for good.


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