Fw: More FMs for Albany

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Wed Feb 25 07:44:11 EST 2004

Scott Fybush wrote:

>I think the battle will be more with WTRY than with WKLI. Unlike the 
>Rochester "Legends" on 990, isn't Albany's "Legends" more of a "Real 
>Oldies" 50s-60s pop format? I suspect that, if anything, we'll see the 
>oldies on WPTR-FM get a little newer (i.e., late 60s-70s).

I wouldn't go so far as to call WPTR "real oldies".  Granted they do play 
some 50s/early 60s rock & roll, but more often than not they'll cold segue 
Chuck Berry or Little Richard into some soggy Patti Page ballad.  Not my 
idea of "real oldies".  Maybe they'll be a little more focused when they 
move it to FM and make it sound like something other than an afterthought.

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