Fw: More FMs for Albany

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Wed Feb 25 07:40:08 EST 2004

Is 96.3 directional? I find it a little hard to imagine that a
nondirectional signal from the Helderbergs (even a full Class A) wouldn't
cover Schenectady adequately. OTOH, a 96.7 a little west of Schenectady
could make trouble in Schenectady for a 96.3 in the Helderbergs.

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> Several of those rimshot FMs around Albany are just begging to be combined
> into simulcasts to reach more of the market. Galaxy's 93.7 and 94.5 come
> mind...and it seems to me that if 96.3 and 96.7 could be combined under
> owner, it too would be a sensible simulcast. 96.7 blankets Schenectady
> County but doesn't do especially well in Albany; 96.3 hits Albany and Troy
> from the Helderbergs but doesn't do well in Schenectady.

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