More Maine FM translator applications

Rod O'Connor
Sun Feb 22 14:39:13 EST 2004

Been perousing the FCC Website looking for new LPFM and translator
applications and surprised at the newest batch of religious applications
around Maine. 

A group called "Light of Life Ministries" has applied for the following

Yarmouth  102.3FM
Freeport     98.3FM
Richmond Center  94.5FM
Lincoln   98.9FM

An application for 97.9 in Houlton was dismissed, while an application
for 100.7 in Bangor has been tentatively approved, pending any
objections received within 15 days.  I notified fellow poster on this
list Jeremy Mixer at WKIT about this.  I can't understand why the FCC
would approve this application for 100.7 being  just on the second
adjacent channel to local WKIT on 100.3.   

Sure seems like an awful lot of applications for religious translators
in areas that are already well served by existing religious stations.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine

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