GIN, GIP, etc

Sean Smyth
Thu Feb 19 22:48:34 EST 2004

Scott writes:
> 2) Anyone meeting the "Elizabeth qualifications" - an AM 
> daytimer that's 
> the only licensed service to a community with 100,000 or more 
> people. It is 
> believed that the three stations so qualified - WJDM in 
> Elizabeth NJ, for 
> whom the rule was created, KDIA Vallejo CA and 540 Costa Mesa 
> CA - have 
> already gotten their X-banders, which are not covered by the 
> five-year 
> sunset rule. (540 Costa Mesa has nonetheless gone dark; the 
> X-bander it 
> spawned on 1650 was worth much more than the 540 ever would 
> have been, anyway.)

Not that Bob would make the move (power costs, a new tower, etc.) ...

But how close to the 100,000-resident cutoff did Cambridge come at the
time? And where would Cambridge stand now? ISTR you and Bob having a
conversation about this on LTAR.

Just curious.

Speaking of which ... isn't LTAR's 10th anniversary sometime this year?

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