GIN, GIP, etc

Scott Fybush
Thu Feb 19 23:07:41 EST 2004

>Not that Bob would make the move (power costs, a new tower, etc.) ...
>But how close to the 100,000-resident cutoff did Cambridge come at the
>time? And where would Cambridge stand now? ISTR you and Bob having a
>conversation about this on LTAR.

Bob wouldn't qualify - a station must be the ONLY licensed service to the 
community. WMBR, WHRB and WLVI all count against him here. Too bad - 
Cambridge had 101,355 people in the 2000 census!

(And there's no reason a new tower would be needed for an X-band operation; 
I'm quite sure the existing stick would handle it easily.)

If not for WZBC, WNTN would have come close: 83,829 people there in 2000.

I'm pretty sure the largest communities near Boston with NO licensed 
broadcast services are Woburn (37,258) and Braintree (33,698).

>Speaking of which ... isn't LTAR's 10th anniversary sometime this year?

That sounds about right. I remember Bob floating the idea at the National 
Radio Club's 1994 convention up in Merrimack, N.H., so the show must have 
started that fall.


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