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SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Thu Feb 19 16:13:21 EST 2004

> The NY Post reports on the Mel Karmizan concall with affils on his so
> called edict to clean it up on Infinity's 180 stations.
> http://www.nypost.com/entertainment/18294.htm
> Don & Mike Show (WXZO 96.7 Willsboro/Burlington) dedicating the opener
> of their show (they still have that medium market sound down real well)
> are complaining about their new limits on things excretory.  Their
> complaint is "We're a show for guys, on a network for guys.  What are we
> for, soccer moms?"  Should be interesting to see how Howard Stern
> handles the so-called new limits on return from vacation next week.  Don
> & Mike had been bounced without pay for a couple of weeks for one of the
> naughty seven getting through.

They have a good point.  Their show is essentially 4 hr of non-sports "guy
talk"...yeah there may be some references to taking a whiz or something,
but it's more in the context of general conversation than the focus of the

Stern ought to be interesting...take away the overt sexual references,
lesbians, etc. and what's left?  I thought that Stern's contract
specifically gives him total freedom as long as he doesn't use the
infamous 7 words.

While content limits are long overdue, I don't think it's fair to solely
pick on the broadcast industry.  Much of the reason this material is
gravitating to radio & broadcast tv is that it's become such a staple on
cable/satellite.  If these restrictions are not applied across the board,
it puts broadcast media even further behind the 8-ball.  Alas, the FCC has
no authority over satellite or cable.

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